The special chewing gum combination for the best oral hygiene

fresh – senses – white
The natural daily toothbrush with pure flavors and teeth whitening effect for healthy teeth and a healthy oral flora

Against smelly breath

– increases production of saliva
– reduces bacteria
– taste: strong spearmint

Stimulates the senses

– sensibles the mouth
– increases the taste experience
– taste: blueberry mint

For pearly white teeth

– micro-granulates reduce plaque
– remineralisation of dental enamel
– taste: cherry plum mint

banana – apple – strawberry
The innovative toothbrush for in between -
- works with nature against kids' and grown ups' dental problems and carries risks.
Stevia has been known for thousands of years in South America for the intensive sweetness of its leaves, offering a 250 times sweeter taste than sugar. In contrast to sugar, stevia does not have any nutritional value.
Xylitol is not only used as a sugar substitute, but has also been successfully employed as dental prophylaxis. Xylitol can be extracted from resources such as birch, strawberry, raspberry, plum and even from cereals.

* confirmed by the European Food Safety Authority EFSA

Recommended consumption:
- 2 chewing gums after your meal!
- 3 times a day at a minimum!
- Don't forget snacks in-between!
Our Steviagum products respond to high quality standards without compromise. This is why we sought and received vegan, kosher and halal certifications.
Our Steviagum products are suitable for a vegan lifestyle. We don't use animal products or by-products and manufacturing excludes animal testing as well as any contact to animal products in the process.
Our certification attests that our Steviagum products are strictly handled according to the high standards of kosher guidelines.
Our certification assures that our Steviagum products are handled within Islamic guidelines and requirements, ensuring conforming ingredients and manufacturing.
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